One of the many beautiful trails on Denman Island

One of the many beautiful trails on Denman Island

This summer I will run two 2-day workshops back to back from July 15th to July 18th, 2019. These workshops will take place on family-friendly Denman Island, which is a idyllic vacation destination during the summer.

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July 15th-16th, 2019: Instructional Routines for the Mathematics Classroom

During this two day workshop participants will:

  • experience math-specific instructional routines
  • unpack these routines together
  • create tasks for and prepare to use the routines
  • rehearse and the instructional routines

Participants will also discuss the parts of each routine to see how these routines support student learning and create their own tasks to use with the routines.

July 17th-18th, 2019: Educational Technology for the Mathematics Classroom

This two-day workshop will focus on:

  • Using interactive online activities such as Geogebra and Desmos with students
  • Building your own interactive online activities
  • Developing instructional routines to use with technology to support all learners

Participants will experience the use of technology as learners, unpack the math in the activities, discuss the features of the technologies that support student learning, and prepare to use some of the technologies in their classrooms.

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Dates: July 15th through July 18th, 2019  (These dates may change, sign up above to keep updated)

Hours: 9am to 3pm

Location: Denman Island, British Columbia

Denman Island is located in the Comox Valley which, especially in the summertime, is an amazing vacation destination. There are beautiful beaches, gorgeous walks or hikes in temperate rainforests, safe roads to bicycle on, outstanding local artists, and lots more. This tourism website for Denman Island has more about the local area.  This tourism website for the Comox Valley has lots of information on the region Denman Island is in. Additionally, the Readers and Writers festival is hosted on Denman Island and the dates this upcoming summer are July 18th through 21st.

This interesting beach is 5 minutes away from our home.

This interesting beach is 5 minutes away from our home.

Price: $200 Canadian per workshop if you register by April 30th, $300 Canadian if you register May 1st or later.

Breakfast and lunch will be an additional fee so that people who have specific dietary restrictions can opt-out of the prepared meals.

You can register here.

Travel information:

Accommodation and travel expenses are not included in the price above.

Here is a list of local accommodations and here is information on camping on Denman Island.  The nearest airport is in Comox, but if you plan on renting a car, you may want to fly into Victoria instead (as it will be cheaper and there will be more flights available, but this airport is 2.5 hours away). There are also private AirBnB rentals available.

While making travel arrangements, you may want to consult the ferry schedule since the only way onto Denman Island is via the ferry. We will provide pick-up service from the ferry.