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This is a module to help non-coders add help text to the top of any path, much like the core Help module does. One problem with the core Help module is that it relies on using hook_help to add the help text to the top of the page. This means that if you want to add help to a page which does not already have it, you need to create a custom module. This means that only the developers of the site can easily add help text, although once the text is added, a user with sufficient privileges could 'translate' the help text string and reword it however they like.

This is a barrier of use for non-coders. My wife wanted to be able to add help text to pages, so I created a module which I call 'Add Help' which allows her to search for a path, and then add help text to that path.

Here is a screen-shot of the "Search for Path" form:


Here is a screen-shot of the "Add Help to Path" form:


There are some minor problems with the implementation, for one there is no way currently to keep track of which pages to which you have added help text so you have to keep track of this yourself. A second problem is that I haven't figured out how to execute php code properly in case the user has chosen the php filter.

Anyway I'm happy to release my code under the GPL, hopefully I'll find time to upload it to as well.

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This is a great idea. We've

This is a great idea. We've had similar problems presenting help to users in particular scenarios. What we were looking to do, was present help to users by way of a title, short tip, then link to a longer page (title, help_teaser, body). Easy enough with cck.

What we then needed was a way to present the help to a user in particular places. Path filtering, as you are doing, has limited uses. We wanted control that was similar to the block configuration, whereby we could set PHP tests, for example - only on an og group page, or only where the user is logged on + editing a page of type x.

If you make any progress on this, do let us know.

Thanks, Stephen

Yeah that's an excellent

Yeah that's an excellent idea. It actually shouldn't be too hard to do this, there is a bunch of code that can be borrowed from the Block module. I haven't looked into this module for a while, but if I do end up using it again, the idea of greater flexibility in configuration is a good one.

One reason why I filtered by path was because this module relies heavily on hook_help, which is path specific. Maybe I should work on an alternative to the current Help module, instead of trying to hook into it.

You should look into the Advanced Help module, it might do what you want.


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