Creating rotating image blocks in Drupal using jQuery

So my wife and I have decided that we are going to try and be partners in a new business. We'll see how well we work together, we really haven't tried very hard to work on any serious projects (except of course for our son) together before this.

My wife knows a lot about graphic design and what looks good as a result of her training as a landscape arctitect, but knows very little about building websites. I know a fair bit about building websites, but my design sense is horrible. So we combine together these two talents, and we should make a pretty good team.

Instead of trying to build entire websites right now, our plan is to focus on building themes for Drupal 5 and Drupal 6. We'll create a showcase site for our themes, and charge people either a license to use the theme, or the complete copyright to a theme at a much steeper price.

So yesterday we started our collaboration by building a simple theme for our theme shop.

My wife and I each brainstormed a few ideas, and we settled on one of my ideas, with some touch-ups from my wife. I went to work and started installing and setting up the modules I thought we would need.

Installed modules:

  • CCK + all default field types
  • Imagefield
  • Project + Project Release + Project Issue tracking
  • Token
  • Views + Views Bonus
  • Panels
  • Path
  • E-commerce suit
  • Poormanscron

The website portion isn't yet totally complete, but my wife created a layout, which I have turned into a theme. One of the fun aspects of this theme is the front page rotating image preview, done by customizing the html displayed by the view (essentially minimizing it as much as possible) and some jQuery fun.

Check out the site at:

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